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Secrets Stolen...From Deep Inside

If you look, you will find me....time after time.

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Anybody , Moderated
This community is open to any and all that have secrets they just can't keep to themselves any longer.

Membership is not required but it is preferred so that people think this community actually popular somehow!

You can either post under your user name or anonymously.

As moderator, I do have a few rules, however and THEY MUST BE READ FIRST BEFORE YOU JOIN OR POST:

Please respect those that post here. IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH SOMEONE'S ENTRY, EITHER COME TO ME IN PRIVATE, KEEP IT TO YOURSELF OR GO CLIMB A TREE. Respect is the key here people. If I catch you disrespecting someone else, YOU WILL BE REMOVED AND BANNED FROM THIS COMMUNITY. Period.

This is not the place to start flame wars.

Write as much or as little as you want. Pages and pages or just a one liner. The point here is to get it all out!

If you know another member here, respect their privacy please. Don't advertise it to others that you know this or that person.

I'd develop some sort of code words for posts that either want help/advice or don't but really, if you want to be left alone, say something like, "Just ranting, no need to help." Or if you really want advice add on a, "Please help!" at the end. I know some of us really don't need help in solving our problems but others might come here because they are looking for help to solve a problem that's bothering them. (Remember though that all advice given by anyone else isn't necessarily the end all solution so keep some sense and determine good advice from the bad.)

Do not post specific names if you can help it. A first name or even made up name should suffice.

If it involves some sort of intended bodily violence or harm toward others that I deem too serious, I may have to report you to the proper authorities.

If you confess that you want to commit suicide and are seriously contemplating it or going through with it, this community will be forced to report you and or try to convince you otherwise.

I may add more to this later, considering situations or events that may pass.

Thank you.

~The Moderator~